Opening hours (Öppettider)
Sundays: 12.00-16.00 
(Closed during easter and 1/4)

About us
Welcome to "Stuff and mind" where we search, buy, sell and trade vintage objects and furniture. 
PA  has been working as a writer for Swedish interior magazines' for twenty years and Magdalena has been working with alternativ medicine such as reflexology and phytotherapy.
We love to furnish and decorate our home and we also enjoy gardening. we like to inspire others to try, so you're welcome to come visit our vegetable garden.
We would also like to inspire you to venture into mixing things and finding your own personal style. Nowadays that's an fairly easy thing to do, with all the nice and fun vintage objects for you to find out there. Making your home beautiful and unique for less money is fun and satisfying. And to buy things that are second hand, vintage and antique benefits our nature and therefore all of us, which makes it even more satisfying! We hope that you will find some nice stuff in our online showroom and hopefully we will see you at our place (where we also have a lot of objects that isn't on the site). If you need help we can search pieces for your home, shop, restaurant or office. Om du behöver hjÀlp med att inreda eller leta efter nÄgot speciellt till ditt hem, affÀr, restaurang eller kontor, kontakta oss.

If you want to sell stuff that you don't need anymore
you're welcome to contact us. /Om du vill sÀlja saker du inte lÀngre behöver Àr du vÀlkommen att kontakta oss.

About Our Store
We sell our vintage objects in a part of our home. Before there was an old country store, and itÂŽs there where the vintage and antique objects reside.
In the old red building, which is on the right side of our garden, there was once upon a time a little carpentry. Nowadays we have lots of furniture and old flea market things, as well as other cool stuff there. So welcome to us for a visit. OBS!!! This site is only a showroom. and we have a lot of more thing to sell. / Vi sÀljer vintage, antik och loppisobjekt i en del av vÄrt hem. HÀr var tidigare en gammal lanthandel och i det röda uthuset som förr i tiden kallades annexet har det tidigare varit ett litet snickeri . SÄ vÀlkommen till oss för ett besök.OBS!!!Denna sida Àr bara en visningssida vi har mycket mer saker och ting.
About Shipping: When it comes to furniture, you have to buy and pick it up from our place. However, small things such as books, textiles, etc. can be sent to you after mutual agreements. Shipping is not included in the price. / AngĂ„ende möbler och större ting sĂ„ gĂ€ller avhĂ€mtning pĂ„ plats. Dock kan mindre saker som böcker, textil etc skickas efter muntlig överenskommelse. Emballage och frakt ingĂ„r ej i priset.

Home run: We can deliver furniture if you live in VÀxjö Kalmar, Karlskrona, Vetlanda or in the surroundings. The price is 25 Skr/10 km, minimum charge 200 SEK. Vi kan leverera möbler och ting om du bor i VÀxjö, Kalmar, Karlskrona, Vetlanda och vÄra omgivningar. Till ett pris av 25 kr/milen, minimum kostnad 200 kr.

We offer courses in meditation, mandalapainting and reflexology. Does it sound interesting? Contact us for more information. Vi erbjuder kurser i meditation, mandalamĂ„lning och zonterapi för husbehov. LĂ„ter det intressant? Kontakta oss för mer information.

Retreat in the Wilderness
If you want to rent a small cottage, deep in the forest, for retreat in the wilderness. You can rent it at: 
/Om du Àr intresserad av att hyra ett litet torp, djupt inne i skogen, för retreat i vildmarken, gÄ in pÄ följande sida: 

For payment: we take both cash and credit cards!
För betalning vi tar kort!

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